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Michigan Notary Service
2176 Oakwood Drive Troy, MI 48085

This Website allows you to:

bullet Download a notary application to your computer.
bullet Purchase all your notary supplies
bullet Get up-to-date information on Michigan's notary laws
bullet Contact the Michigan Notary Service for more information

Michigan Notary Service was established in 1956 by Robert Mahoney. It being a family owned business, Mr. Mahoney employed family members to operate his new business. Through the years, Mr. Mahoney became a representitive for the state of Michigan, he held office for over twenty years in that position, while family members ran his compaany. In 1967 his daughter Colleen Mahoney started working for him, she over looked the daily operations while Mr. Mahoney was in Lansing. Colleen Mahoney ran the business until 1996, at that time Mr. Mahoney decided to retire, offering Colleen Mahoney to purchase the business. Today the Michigan Notary Service is owned and operated solely by now Colleen Sinutko. Colleen now has been involved for over 35 years in running and operating the Michigan Notary Service.

Today, Colleen handles new and renewals of notaries for the state of Michigan. Colleen's goal is to keep the same quality service like Mr. Mahoney has been giving since 1956.

Colleen Sinutko

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